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It's about time I make a friends only page!!! [Jul. 10th, 2008|03:25 am]
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |David Cwik (Sad) - Zounds]

Ok, here it is. Now, I just gotta draw up a cute "friends only" banner and I'll be done! But for now, here we go:

Good morrow! And hello to ye all. Thou must beith a friendeth to partake in the readings of the scriptureths of my journaleth. Eth. Just comment here and I will be happy to add you! (Provided of course we have a few common interests. ^_^ ) Also provided a few other unspoken rules. You know them, I am most certain. Mwaahah!

WARNING!!!: I am very very weird.

(picture goes here) (I'll get it done someday I promise.)

Until then: since I have this thing here, I might as well spread some love around.

I'll give you these lovely links to muse and ponder over:


(even if you're not a fan, these links are extremely enjoyable. Loads of awesomeness will be found here!!!)

Metroid E-manga: Pretty sweet stuff. I LOVE METROID!!! Samus rocks! XD

Metroid E-manga translation: Speaks for itself. Tis a translation.

The Official Metroid Manga: It is translated. You can find the raw version at the Metroid Database.

Planet Zebeth: Metroid with a twist. And when I say twist, I mean it's twisted. Really. Twisted. HAA!

Metroid: Third Derivative: One of the funniest Metroid sprite comics I've ever read. I hope to God reynard (the creator) will continue it. I busted countless guts laughing at this. Joey is the best space pirate EVER! XD XD XD

Metroid: SR388 This game looks so fabulous. It is the MOTHER of all fan games. (mother brain. Har.) Check it out. You'll be amazed. Von Richter put so much work into this I can't even believe it. He has my eternal praise. Even though he may never finish it, the game looks simply beautiful.

The Metroid Database All things metroid! You won't be disappointed with the up-to-date accurate metroid information. Check it out! It's got wicked cool galleries too!


Humor ranging from a chuckle to a guffawing: "WHAHAHAAATTT??" Be warned though...some humor may get slightly offensive to some. But it's so darn good. Remember to keep an open mind. After all, it's just humor.

Something Awful It literally is, something awful. Really awful.

Homestar Runner Homestar. Funny. Awesome. Flash. Strong Bad rules!!!

Ebaums World Yep. This site is full of great stuff. And horrible stuff. Take a gander! But don't touch my pet goose. And all my simpletons are on loan!!! *growls*

Al Lowe's Humor Site Home page of one of the greatest game creators of all time. Leisure Suit Larry, you're being sorely missed. Damn you Sierra!!!!!! DAMN YOU TO GAMING HELL!!!!! *cough* I'm sorry. (p.s. - Gaming hell is the hell where all the games are easy with cheap soundtracks and crummy gameplay.)

Ill Will Press Home of Foamy The Squirrel!

They say randomness is the best cure for somnia. What's the opposite of insomnia? Is it somnia? IS IT?!?!? What is tomorrow's weather tomorrow? Yeah that's right. You read it correctly. Try and figure THAT one out. *wink*

Leon S. Kennedy Hottest man in the gaming world. WHY ISN'T HE REAL?? *le wheeps*

VG CATS Home of some really funny video game inspired comics. Check it out!

8-bit theater If you haven't read this sprite comic...then you've never been to the internet. You just think you're here. But you're not.

Castle Vidcons A strange little comic inspired by video games. But I like it! I like it a lot!! XD

Car Crash. Any GI Joe fans out there?

The Snoring Duck You heard me. Snoring. Duck. One of the cutest things I've ever seen in my life.

Smash Brothers Brawl: A Peculiar Day I thought this was so funny. A great collection of SSBB snapshots

We Drink Ritalin! Uh...we drink ritalin? XD Only funny if you've played the DDR song HOT LIMIT. This is misheard lyrics..Animated!! Enjoy. Now, when you play Hot Limit...you will hear these lyrics..ONLY.

KIKKOMAN! SHOW ME SHOYU!!!! I still struggle to understand why.

All your base are belong to us. nuff said.

Tribute to Ray Harryhausen YMCA Cantonese He-man style!!!

NUMA NUMA!!! maya hee....maya hooooo......

Dragostea Din Tei The Original Ozone music vid of the famous mayahee song.

How to break up a cat fight. Cat fight. And then...something happens!!!

Talking cat collection This was too cute not to post.


Mm hmm. Just some random links to my other sites which are basically empty. I'll get to filling them up someday....

This is currently unavailable due to unforseen circumstances. Will be back shortly! ^^

OPEN SOURCERY (aka: Linux)

That's a pretty sweet title eh??? EH????!?!?! I highly recommend Linux as an OS. I know many people cringe at the prospect of changing Operating Systems, but if enough interest is put into it, I think there could be HUGE improvements in the computer industry. After all, Linux is free and is one hell of a solid OS. Go for it, try something new!!!



Some nice little links leading to great downloads such as video game soundtracks or manga!

Galbadia Hotel These guys have so many video game soundtrakcs and manga. It's insane! They also provide hundreds of anime manga and soundtracks as well.

Remix.Kwed Wicked awesome site featuring c64 remixes. This place is great. Perfect for the retro gamer who remembers fun trackers and sids. w00t!

Enjoy the links, they provide hours of fun. If I haven't scared you off, then feel free to add moi! ^_^
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