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Wandering Gypsy

Don't worry, I'm the good kind of gypsy.


Hi! --

::wave wave:: Hello everyone! ^^ Thanks for stoppin' by! The name's Julie. The name, which is mine...like a theory... about dinosaurs...

No seriously, I'm Julie and I'm a musician currently teaching and tutoring. I'm also a freelancer who dabbles in many art-oriented vocations. Currently studying in a music conservatory and lovin' it!

Drastically clear is my love of video games and my desire to design and create them. Of course, I've played a fair share and identify very much as a retro gamer. I'm always up for trying new games of course. My top favorites from both worlds include Super Metroid and Castlevania Lords of Shadow. So. Awesome. I do piano transcriptions and arrangements so if you'd like to drop me off a request for a song, please do! Examples will be posted shortly.

As of late my LJ has been fairly spiderwebby...but that may change in the near future as I connect it to my most recent project and use it as a blog on wordpress.

My use of lj is scant, but please feel free to drop me a line if you'd like to be added as an lj buddy. :)
ancient history, ancient lands, ancient lore, ancient ruins, angry beavers, archaeology, aya brea, beer, bunnies, captain n, castlevania, cats, celtic music, cheju island, children of bodom, chozo, chrono trigger, cloud strife, composting, conservation, dave the barbarian, doctor who, dogs, dragon ball, dragon ball z, dreams, druids, ducks, earthbound, enix, environmentalism, exploration, fantasy, feminism, fiddles, final fantasy, final fantasy 7, fishing, foamy, freakazoid, freedom, gackt, games, german shepherds, ghosts, guybrush threepwood, harry potter, hideto matsumoto, history, ireland, irish dance, island, ivan isaacs, jack sparrow, japan, k-2l, kabutroid, kingdom hearts, kraid, laughing, lechuck, legend of zelda, leisure suit larry, leon kennedy, linux, luigi, magic, manga, manhwa, metal smithing, metroid, metroid fusion, metroid other m, metroid prime, miho won, monkey island, monty python, mother, mother brain, music composition, mythology, nature, nintendo, nobuo uematsu, optimistic pessimism, organic farming, painting, pan, paranormal, parasite eve, peasant skirts, penguins, piano, picard, pirates, placebo, planet zebeth, plants, pokemon, priest, randomness, reading, renaissance, resident evil, ridley, riverdance, rocko's modern life, roger wilco, rose tyler, sabrina the teenage witch, sailing, sailor moon, samus aran, scotland, scrubs, sculpture, sega, seiken densetsu 3, siberian huskies, silent hill, slayers, somethingawful.com, sonic the hedgehog, space pirates, space quest, spongebob, square enix, sr388, star trek, steampunk, super mario, super metroid, super nintendo, super smash brothers brawl, tea, the chieftains, the ocean, tifa lockhart, torchwood, traveling, treasure hunting, trees, video game music, video games, wandering, western ireland, xellos, zebes, zombies